Ray Zhang – Editor in Chief. Based in Banqiao.

Jordan Fu – Historian and staff writer. Based in Zhongli, and focuses on American and Taiwanese politics, as well as lifestyle issues and opinion.

Ari Bai – Political scientist and staff writer. Based in Kaohsiung, and focuses on American, cross-strait, Korean, and near-East politics.

Vera Huang – Political scientist, and independent writer. Based in Kaohsiung and Taipei. Focuses on Taiwanese, and greater Asian politics.

Abby Peng – Northern Taiwan editor. Focuses on cross-strait politics. Based in Yangmei, Taoyuan.

Kristy Chen – Americas editor. Temporarily based in Toronto, and focuses on Taiwanese and North American politics and lifestyle issues.

Our headquarters are in Taiwan, and we are committed to the upmost standards of journalistic integrity. We are and always will be a non-profit media source.

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