After Russia’s mobilization a few months ago, Russian’s men and arms are massed for a new offensive, which can be launched as soon as this month, or more likely in the spring, according to the head of Ukraine’s armed forces, General Valery Zaluzhny. The conflict is considered to be deadlocked in the freezing mud, which appears to feed a new interest in peace talk. The suffering was appalling, and the energy prices were wearying, as those Western leaders like French’s President Emmanual Macron, America’s Joe Biden, even the aggressor, Vladimir Putin, have talked about diplomatic solutions in recent days. But, Ukraine’s officials insist it will not happen too soon.

If the war was stopped today, and the battle lines were frozen where they are, Russia could prepare well for the next onslaught, and the mistake leading to the invasion early this year will be repeated once again.

To ensure any of Russian’s offensives fail, the West’s highest responsibility is to quickly increase weapon supplies. HIMARS, a rocket system has supplied by America since June, has been used to devastate both Russian’s command and control centers and armories. However, Russia has moved its weapons out of the range, and Ukraine needs more powerful munitions. In addition, Ukraine’s infrastructure and civilians also need to be defended, otherwise the damage may further weaken Ukraine’s economy. What’s Ukraine needs is not only stocks of the existing defense systems’ but also more and much better anti-missile defenses. 

Moreover, if this conflict is seen as in defense of a thriving democracy, Ukraine must recapture more territory. Air defense alone is not enough. Taking more territory also shows that President Putin risks losing his gains, while avoiding the stagnation and defensive preparations which could lead to a frozen conflict.

Although Ukraine’s backers have slightly different points of view, the maximalist aim of taking back everything will be a struggle to achieve. Still, if Ukraine gets adequate support, its soldiers may possibly can take back what President Putin seized, and gain the chance for the lasting success by strongly disincentivizing further military adventurism. 

Written by Eddie C.

Edited by Ari B.