Taking advantage of cultural divisions over gay and rights, gender roles, and distrust of the American government and its hegemony, Russia has latched on to a right-wing populist narrative that criticizes a moral degredation in the West and instead longs for strong man rule under a yearning for unabashed masculinity. This worldview gives Russians and disgruntled Westerners a reason not only to criticize the real problems that exist in their own states, but also to mistakenly equate the problems of democratic states with the crimes committed by the Russian kleptocracy. Suffice it to say that neither Putin nor the Russian Federation truly care about these issues, they are simply exploiting these wedge issues to divide the West, and therefore to fracture opposition to Putin’s brand of single-man authoritarianism.

普丁治下的俄羅斯為了分裂美國民眾展開文化戰。利用同性戀權利、性別角色、對美國政府不信任、其霸權行為等方面的文化分歧,俄羅斯掌握了右翼民粹主義對西方道德墮落的批評,渴望強人維權統治 「strongman rule」以及對不加掩飾的男性氣質概的嚮往。瀏覽RT「俄羅斯今日」線上宣傳新聞就看得到這三個主題會一直出現:性別議題、男性氣質、西方頹廢。



這種世界觀給俄羅斯人與處於西方銹帶 「rust belt」的人們一個理由批評自己國家真的存在的問題,且將民主政治問題和盜賊統治的俄羅斯政府的犯罪劃上錯誤的等號。



Written by Ari B.

Eddited by Eddie C.