The FDA has completely waived testing requirements for this new wave of “Omicron” vaccines, suggesting that this wave are not in fact new vaccines, but that they are simply changes in the mRNA.

This sets up a new dangerous precedent, as suggesting that the substance mRNA, and the eventual proteins they encode for, are generally the same is like suggesting that Winnie the Pooh and a recipe book for homemade C4 are essentially the same because they are both books. Proteins can include inert spike shapes that elicit an immune response, but the class also includes potentially species ending prion diseases that can even spread contagiously between organisms. Treating all mRNA as the same is an incredibly reckless move that frankly should call into question the entire regulatory regime and its alarmingly close connection with the pharmaceutical industry that they are supposed to be regulating.

As such, these new vaccines were never tested for either safety of efficacy on humans. The FDA and CDC completely waived those requirements, and the heads also made these decisions refusing to consult the advisory board. Instead, the entire basis for the approval of these vaccines is based, not on studies in humans of efficacy in preventing symptomatic infection or serious sequalae, but instead on the increase in neutralizing antibody counts in animal models, which is a notoriously unclear measure of the ability to prevent disease, without even mentioning changing efficacy between strains.

This new wave of vaccines was developed for the BA.1 strain, which thanks to rapidly changing WHO nomenclature actually means the vaccines are already three to four generations old. With BA.4 and BA.5 in wild, this means that the distance between wild strains and these vaccines are likely comparable to the distance between Alpha and Delta strains. 

These vaccines are totally untested in humans, their efficacy is unproven, they are essentially experimental subsidies made by the US government to prop up Pfizer now that “COVID is over” according to American president Joseph Biden.

For the weakest amongst us, these vaccines might provide some protection, but the proteins they encode for could also induce fatal hepatitis, or potentially introduce permanent genetic changes that could fundamentally alter the genome of the entire species (see sources below). There’s absolutely no way of knowing for sure the risks or benefits without large scale human studies. Its clear the government doesn’t seem to care find out either way, so long as Pfizer gets paid.