“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” is the so-oft repeated cliche trope mantra raison d’etre of the status quo oriented elite political class that it is the refrain they utter after any criticism of their half-baked policies, the latest of which is the revival of the long-dead Iran nuclear deal, a topic that of course will raise reactionary responses at its very mention.

Let it be clear, from the mouth of the very architect of the original deal, nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz, who in support of the deal suggested that it would move Iran’s breakout time from two weeks, to perhaps six months. Thus, the nuclear deal does not prevent breakout, it defers it a few months down the line. What is clear is that even if the deal were revived within the next two weeks before the breakout time, which would be against Iran’s own interests and defies all logic, that absent regional intervention to strike their facilities by the Saudis, Emirates, Israelis, or any other of the half-dozen states that fear Shia dominance, Iran will eventually proliferate.

This begs the question, if preventing their proliferation is the goal, and we essentially accept that we are not preventing it, but delaying it, why even bother taking half-measures that we already admit are failures?

This strongly resembles innumerable other foreign policy quagmires that our species puts itself in, recognizing the inevitable end, being given a chance to either intervene or do nothing, and then half-intervening and essentially guaranteeing the outcome we were so opposed to.

Climate change, “strategic ambiguity” over Taiwan, the shameful global response to COVID, sanctions against Russia that leave out fossil fuels, there are countless examples of clear, but costly interventions that could conceivable completely deal with all of those problems, but rather than make a choice, moderation and a love for the perpetuation of the safe, stable (for some), elite-centric status quo leads the powers that be to craft impotent half policies, designed to appear as if the governments are reacting, but making no substantive change to the outcome.

The human species once had a will to survive, and to defend what is human. We’ve fought and bled to crumble totalitarian empires, we’ve collectively eradicated diseases from the face of the earth, we made a system of rules to prevent an anarchic world order that was one day hoped would put an end to war. And then in the 2020s, we threw our norms in the recycling bin and allowed sex criminals, war criminals, and social media platforms run by incels and domestic terrorists to redefine the human species as a new death cult. Worst of all, by remaining silent, the human species gave it our tacit support.

The Wuhan coronavirus, climate change, and nuclear proliferation, these are the manifestation of a real-world purge, a system in which elites can virtually guarantee their survival, while clearing the fields for a future in which they, amongst the survivors, control the scarce resources, whether or not this is their deliberate intent.

The human species must find its purpose and regain the will to live, not with novel diseases, or nuclear war, or catastrophic and devastating pollution that destroys, but collectively decide to live without them, or we will suffer and forever perish from the face of this earth.