Rather than doing their assigned job, the WHO is squandering their precious international funding by instead focusing on supposed political correctness by spending years issuing and revising and endless stream of directives constantly renaming established viruses, but their true intention is to distract from their colossal failure and their utter uselessness as an organization by making those names so neutral, difficult to remember, and devoid of meaning as to minimize their newsworthiness. After all, “SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2+E484X” will get a lot less attention than the “UK strain” of the “Wuhan Coronavirus,” with all of its political and geographic implications. Thus, the public being forced to adopt the scientific nomenclature will divert attention from the failure of not only national governments, but the WHO themselves, to carry out even the most basic tasks, such as disseminating timely and correct information rather than perpetrating lies and fake news. This also prevents Tedros from being forced to return to Ethiopia at the end of his tenure to face responsibility for the war crimes that his political party is perpetrating in his country in their attempt to sack the capital and depose the democratically elected government of Ethiopia. He is unfit to lead the WHO and the organization must be reformed from the ground up to ensure that it is capable of and willing to carry out its actual mission, pandemic prevention and remediation, instead of using donor money to simply sit on twitter and propagate false science.

這個禮拜,世界衛生組織 (WHO) 主要目標不是減少武漢肺炎的死亡率,不是控制最近爆發的猴痘,而是改革病毒命名法。






原本很容易記得簡單的「武漢肺炎」名字變成「SARS-CoV-2」跟「COVID-19」,這是第一波的改名。第二波是改成變種不能以國家命名,所以南非、巴西、英國變種都變成希臘字母「Alpha」、「 Beta」、「Delta」。第三波則是到希臘字母的「ξι」,英文拼「Xi」,跟習近平 (Xi Jinping)一樣的拼法。這時候WHO總幹事「Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus」(Tedros的政黨正在參與埃塞俄比亞的內戰以推翻民選總統,並被指控犯下多項戰爭罪)不願侮辱他的恩人習近平,所以完全跳過「Xi」,最後都是用「Omicron」,又改成用科學家數字形容新的變種,然後現在新的變種不叫「strains」而叫新的「lineages」。



Written by Ari B.

Edited by Eddie C.