The military government in Myanmar has decided, in move that should surprise no one, to extend emergency rule for another 6 months.

The junta took over in early 2021, proclaiming they were doing so because of election fraud (there is no evidence of this), since then they have openly murdered civilians in the street. They have also executed numerous people simply for mild criticism of their horrific rule, there have even been announcements of upcoming hangings of prodemocracy activists.

The brazenness of the ruling party is likely, at least in part, due to the muted international response to their brutality. To be overly fair, there has been some response from the international community, such as excluding Myanmar from an ASEAN meeting, however overall this has been necessary, but far from sufficient.

As with most coups, the fiercest resistance is coming from those facing violence from the junta. The people of Myanmar, though vastly underequipped, have fought and died to get their country back.

Many have begun using the FGC-9 (the FGC stands for “fuck gun control”). The FGC is a 9mm 3D printed gun. However you feel about gun control or 3D printed weapons, this has been a good thing for rebels in Myanmar fighting for their lives.

9mm is one of the most easily accessible types of ammo. This means that they are much more able to protect themselves from the belligerent violence of the military government. But the rebels have not stopped at guns.

Those resisting the government have gotten quite creative with their limited resources. There are even videos of guerilla fighters dropping improvised explosives from drones, with incredible accurately as well. You can see a video of this below.

These fighters deserve immense respect for their actions against the “government”. This must be more than words. Nations around the world must stand up against those that ousted the democratically elected government. There are numerous ways that they could do this (including some offered by Ari).

This must include swift action against the military of course, but also their backers like China. People, and governments, must also demand that places like Twitter cease allowing authoritarian governments, like the PRC, to advertise their arms to murderous leaders, like those in Myanmar.

ASEAN attempted to do something, agreeing on a 5-point plan to reduce hostilities. However, the junta has done little to nothing to actually follow the plan. Clearly showing that the world needs to step up the pressure.

The military government has already killed thousands, there are numerous videos of soldiers shooting people just out riding motorbikes or walking down the street. This kind of violence, and the destruction of democracy must not be allowed to stand.

It is unlikely that the military will stop extending emergency rule until they are forced into doing so. The people of Myanmar deserve better than the kid gloved response that we have seen from world leaders up until this point.