In the city of Goma, in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), there was recently looting of United Nations offices by protesters that complain the UN is not doing enough.

The protest was originally called by a faction of the youth wing of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress, the party of current president of the DRC Félix Tshisekedi.

Other factions of the youth wing have condemned these acts, along with the ruling party that said those responsible would face serious consequences.

Some members of the faction calling for the UN to leave blocked roads. They also set fire to the gate of the compound.

Looting also occurred as protesters were able to get into multiple offices and escape with some of the UN’s equipment.

All of this comes as more and more violence piles up in the country, much of it stemming from seemingly constant violence between the M23 rebel group and the DRC military.

The group has been battling with the government for over a decade now, with the worst of the violence happening in the east, where Goma is located.

This fighting has reportedly displaced thousands and numerous civilians have been killed in the process. The violence includes recent reports that the M23 group had executed nearly 30 civilians.

While the claims that the UN is not doing enough may be correct, the DRC government is seemingly also not doing enough. However, it should also be remembered that insurgencies are incredibly difficult to deal with.

Hopefully there will soon be peace for all of the innocent civilians in the DRC.

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