Israel has not taken the strongest stand against Russia following Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, however this could soon change.

Russia is moving to close the Jewish Agency. The agency is a private charity that helps Jewish people in Russia move to Israel.

To date, the group has helped hundreds of thousands of Jews migrate to Israel. It has also seen a uptick in individuals seeking to flee since the start of the Russian invasion.

The exact reason for the Russian move to close the agency is yet unclear, though some speculate it may be part of a larger move to dissolve foreign foreign organizations. Or, perhaps, an attempt to get more support of the Russian invasion from the Israeli government.

While Israel has not been the most vocal backers of Ukraine, they have given some support over the recent months. This assistance has included free phone services to Ukrainians and helping people flee the country.

However, the Israeli government has also been largely silent on the issue in public. This is at least in part due to their desire to continue to bomb its enemies in Syria, where Russia is currently operating a proxy war, and to continue to facilitate the immigration of Russian Jews to Israel.

Whether this will lead to a permanent closure of the agency, or is simply a short-term attempt at coercion, is still unclear. Russia has banned the agency in the past, as in 1996 when it was temporarily banned from operating.

It is also yet to be seen if this move precludes an uptick in vocal and material support for Ukraine from the Israeli government.

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