Belarus’ “President” Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, is claiming that Ukrainian forces fired rockets into Belarusian territory on Saturday.

The long-time Putin puppet gave no evidence of this actually occurring, meaning that the claim should be taken with a mountain of salt, especially because Lukashenko allowed Russian troops to invade Ukraine through Belarus.

It is possible that these accusations are a pretext for Belarus to join in the invasion of Ukraine, which has now stretched on for over 4 months.

Lukashenko’s government has consistently backed Putin and is not shy about flagrantly violating international norms and the human rights of its own people.

Lukashenko has also followed in Putin’s footsteps in refusing to leave power, remaining the leader of Belarus since 1994.

Lukashenko has stated that he does not want war with Ukraine, though that he would fight if his territory was invaded. Belarus would also likely fair far worse than Russia under a crushing sanctions regime (Belarus doesn’t have the massive oil reserves that Russia continues to use to prevent many EU countries from fully backing Ukraine to their full potential).

Ukraine going out of its way to invade Belarus is laughable even in normal times, not to mention that that it is currently engaged in a protracted war where Russian forces are bombing Ukrainian shopping malls and slaughtering civilians. Suffice it to say their hands are a bit full at the moment and Zelenskyy is probably not looking to engage in another hot war.

If Belarus does enter the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it will almost certainly be an unprovoked invasion, just as the Russian one is. But that’s how Little Lukashenko works, following daddy Putin every step.

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