International outrage (though far too muted) has grown as the junta government in Myanmar has stated plans to go ahead with the execution of four political prisoners.

In early 2021, the military executed a coup against the ruling party, the National League for Democracy. They have since marred the country with violence and misery. Now, for the first time in 30 years, they are planning executions.

There are four that are set to be hanged: Kyaw Min Yu (Ko Jimmy), Hla Myo Aung, and Aung Thura Zaw, and Ko Phyo Zeya Thaw. All of them had filed appeals, however all appeals have now been rejected.

The first three of the group are democracy advocates, while Zeya Thaw was an MP, and formerly a hip hop artist that, had been arrested previously for attempting to spread democratic ideas, he was also a founding member of Generation wave, a pro-democracy youth movement.

Previously, military dictatorships in the country had often used appeals to soften their appearance, at times reducing sentences to life in prison, rather than execution (though this is still obviously a gross violation of human rights). This regime, facing little international pushback, has decided to be brazenly brutal.

There are allegations that the charges against many during the junta’s rule have been trumped up (which tends to happen with military governments). There have also been allegations of sham trials (again, tends to happen).

More than 100 others have been sentenced to death under the current government in Myanmar. However, so far, their appeals have not yet been rejected.

The military “government” in Myanmar has been liberal with its violence. Many have been killed in street violence with numerous videos coming out of the country of people on the streets in the process of such banal activities as riding their scooters, being gunned down by members of the military.

Unfortunately, being Myanmar is a country with a history of violence, though prior to the military coup experiencing a recent surge of democracy, and with little resources for capitalist countries that so often desire to call themselves “defenders of freedom and democracy” to exploit,  these human rights violations have largely fallen by the wayside.

Hopefully, those that pride themselves democratic nations and supporters of self determination and freedom will step up and take action against the junta government. Imposing measures, against the government itself and its backers, that might once again return the country to its path towards democracy.

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