Amidst warming Taiwan-US relations, the American state department has modified the language describing the relationship between the two.

Gone is the language that the US “does not support Taiwan independence” and that “Taiwan is a part of China.” Even absent is the references to the status quo, replaced with the commitments promised under Taiwan Relations Act.

This revision seems indicative of strengthening ties, but also a reflects a symbolic recalibration of the American stance to be more in line with the self-determination of Taiwan. It seems to deemphasize the 1992 consensus, already viewed by both Taiwan and China as out-of-date, and instead emphasizes Taiwan’s separate existence from the PRC.

Rather than letting the change go unremarked on, the PRC and its media quickly responded.

Biden has drastically shifted American policy towards Taiwan to be much more aggressive in its defense against the PRC. It seems unlikely that this trend will continue throughout the remainder of Biden’s tenure.