With over 80,000 in home quarantine and two days straight with over 5,000 local cases, Chen Shih-chung has decided to reduce the quarantine period even even more with the new “3+4 system”.

The new system will have people quarantine at home as they did previously. They will now only need to spend 3 days in home quarantine. They must still abide by the rule of only one person in each room, they are not allowed to leave their homes except to seek medical attention.

After the initial 3 days there will be a 4 day period of self-management. During this period individuals must take a rapid test every day. If they test negative, they are allowed to leave their homes for work or to go purchase necessities like groceries.

However, those under self-management are not allowed to go to crowded places, dine in restaurants, or go to school. They will be allowed to take public transportation though, which can get pretty crowded sometimes, just as many job sites and stores are.

Those that test positive are allowed to leave their house to seek medical treatment but are not allowed to take public transportation. If they do, they may be fined up to NT$1 million. They are instructed to bike, drive, walk, or have loved ones take them to seek medical attention (though this seems like a sure fire way to get people close to you sick as well).

This system will be implemented for new patients tomorrow (April 26). Those currently in home quarantine, that have been there for at least 4 days, can begin the 3-day self-management on the 27th.

This move comes as Taiwan saw its highest number of severe and moderate cases, 16 today, with 15 moderate and 1 new severe case. Experts have also warned that loosening prevention measures will lead to more infections, and thus likely more serious cases and deaths. Chen has also noted this to be the case when discussing lowering quarantine requirements in the past.