In a clear show of the hypocrisy by the party that ostensibly stands for local autonomy, small government, free speech, and fighting the deep state, three unelected bureaucrats in Florida have now subverted the rights of local Floridians and rejected all of those precepts through an act of mass censorship.

A state law which allows the capital to censor school curricula and uses a top-down dictate to control local school districts has meant that an unelected board of three appointed state bureaucrats has upended education in the entire state by banning a trove of books, including more than 40 math books for so called “indoctrination.”

Those books included such controversial titles as “Algebra and Trigonometry,” “Precalculus with Limits,” and “Functions Modeling Change” amongst dozens of other mathematics titles said to contain illegal material.

This radical threat to local autonomy is being conducted under the guise of removing content that may mention homosexuality, gender, or even human emotion, but another large push has been the gradual lowering of math standards in compulsory education in the state.

The governor admitted that Florida’s purging of common core in favor of a far lower standard was to protect the feelings of parents, stating that lowering curriculum standards to exclude complex math was because “parents couldn’t help with the math homework.”

The move also appears to contradict the intention of the law designed to protect the rights of parents, as parents are supposed to be granted access to the reviews by those bureaucrats to determine why the books were censored, something that the three have failed to make publicly available.