Multiple officials have criticized Taipei Mayor Ke Wen-je over the lack of staff and funding for the Taipei City Animal Protection Office.

Taipei Legislators Jian Shu-pei and Lee Chien-chang, stated that since Ko came to office, 129 people have left the Animal Protection Office in Taipei. Just in the previous 2 years 52 people have resigned, which is nearly the entire department.

Jian Shu-pei also criticized the decision to prevent renovations to the Animal House (動物之家). This is in spite of the renovations being relatively low cost as compared to many other projects in Taipei that were approved.

Lee Chien-chang said that there are currently 14 vacancies in the department. This leaves only 41 employees at the office.

Others have called for the benefits and the number of job openings to be increased. This would make living in Taiwan’s most expensive city easier for these workers, and would lighten the heavy workload that has been blamed for a number of the resignations.