It is being reported, though all allegations have yet to be confirmed, that chemical weapons, possibly phosphorous munitions, may have been used by the Russian military during its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Officials said they were looking into these reports in Mariupol, a city on Ukraine’s southern coast.

While these allegations are new, accusations against Russia using, and supporting the use, of chemical weapons are certainly not. Russia famously blocked a UN investigation into sarin gas attacks in Syria that killed numerous children. They also continue to refuse to destroy their chemical weapons stockpile. Putin has likewise used chemical weapons numerous times against dissidents.

The alleged attacks in Mariupol have followed weeks of attacks there. It also comes as Russia seems to be preparing for a new offensive into Ukraine’s Donbas region, which is around 100 kilometers to the north of Mariupol.

As investigations are ongoing, we will see what evidence, or lack there of, is found. In either case we will keep you updated.