Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and Vice President William Lai met with a delegations from Sweden. Because Tsai is in quarantine due to a close call with a family member, thus she met virtually with the representatives. Lai met with them in person.

The meeting was to promote cooperation between the two countries and hopefully improve relations overall with the European Union.

Tsai keyed in on the fact that both countries are democracies and are pushing for similar goals such as freedom and combating growing authoritarianism. Lai focused on similar topics and expressed hope for growing ties between the two nations.

Lai also mentioned that Taiwan’s friends in Sweden have continued to support Taiwan. Promoting the passage of bills that support Taiwan and also endorsing the nations participation in international organizations.

Recently, a planned trip with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was canceled due to her positive COVID diagnosis. However, many other meetings with delegates have been happening in Taiwan. This is a very positive sign in the face of unceasing threats from China and a current lack of international allies.