Breaking reports are coming in regarding a shooting in a subway station in Brooklyn, New York.

The shooting was reported to have begun around 8:30 am local time. Initial reports seem to have been about smoke in the area leading many to fear a bombing attack.

It seems that, at least according to preliminary reports, that the smoke may have been due to a smoke device employed by the shooter. The NYPD initially said that there were not any explosive devices found as of yet.

However, there are now reports coming out now that there were in fact unexploded ordnances in the station. Though it should be kept in mind that these claims are not verified as of the time of this article.

The most recent reports are saying that 5 people were shot and 13 were injured and have been taken to the hospital.

In the confusion and chaos it is hard to know exact details, however it is hoped that no more will be injure or pas away. This is a horrific attack and hopefully all involved will be brought to justice.