Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s divisive Chief Executive, has stated that she will not run for reelection and will instead step back to focus on her family.

Lam has been one of the most controversial leaders of Hong Kong. She was hand picked by the CCP, as all Hong Kong leaders are now, and oversaw brutal crackdowns on prodemocracy advocates in the city over recent years.

Hong Kong’s Chief executive is selected by a cadre of pro-Beijing loyalists. These 1,500 individuals are set to select the next leader in May.

Many believe that John Lee is the current favorite to replace Lam. Lee is Hong Kong’s current Chief Secretary. Lee is also a former police officer, which will make a fitting replacement for Lam, who sent many protestors to jail and used the Hong Kong Police Force to brutalize those opposed to draconian laws implemented in Hong Kong.

A great number of these protests were related to the 2019 anti-extradition movement. Where protestors were fighting against a law that would allow extradition to China, where pro-democracy advocates could be more easily disappeared.

The protests saw millions take to the streets and thousands be arrested and abused by state security forces. The subsequent National Security Law has seen increasing numbers of Hong Kongers fleeing the city for fear of detainment.

Their fears are well grounded as people in Hong Kong have already been arrested for as little as stating protest slogans or even holding up blank pieces of paper.

Lam has also overseen the now failed COVID policy in Hong Kong. This strategy has completely collapsed in recent months with cases exploding across the city.

While many are likely happy to see Lam go, the direction of Hong Kong is unlikely to change as her replacement is certain to likewise be a puppet of Beijing.