Local cases across Taiwan today topped 160 and the CECC is apparently no longer providing details on individuals cases as they had before.

So far, they have only announced increased screenings, but no additional restrictions, nor a shift in their slowly liberalizing quarantine policies. This has led to sharp criticism over his administrations slow and unresponsive approach to their loss of control.

Despite Taiwan CECC assurances that they were still committed to a zero-COVID goal, rather than take active measures to stop the flow of people before the holiday or seal the leaks through the borders and the quarantine process, the government has instead turned to minimizing the threat posed by the virus, suggesting that Omicron mortality rates are less threatening.

China is taking the opposite track and while they have also, to some extent, lost control, they have locked down much of the country in response to the virus. Their media constantly reiterate the threat posed by COVID, including the effects on fertility, the brain, endocrine, and circulatory systems.

The PRC is also making an active effort to highlight their own efforts and success while showing that in America, despite persistent claims that “COVID is over,” that death numbers are persistently in the thousands per day. Cumulative American COVID deaths now far outnumber American deaths in every war in American history put together.


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