Throughout the ongoing COVID pandemic, Taiwan has donated countless medical supplies to countries throughout the world, helping to save lives and garnering generous soft power gains. This trend continues as Taiwan has donated supplies to Bhutan.

Taiwan sent Bhutan 50 chemical oxygen machines and 2000 N95 masks to help them deal with their pandemic response. Bhutan has been hit hard by the most recent variants. The case count in the country has been steadily rising since the beginning of this year.

The materials were donated through the Gyalyum Charitable Trust (GCT). The supplies were sent from Taiwan to Singapore, where they were handed over to the group.

This donation comes as Taiwan has seen its own recent spike in cases over the past few days. This came after weeks of mostly single-digit cases. Taiwan has also seen some vaccines begin to expire as the number seeking shots has begun to slow, this has led many to ask if Taiwan will begin to donate more vaccines to countries that need them.