Today a China Eastern Airlines flight crashed while on its way to Guangzhou. The flight with over 130 people on board was spotted falling from the sky over Wuzhou in Easter Guangxi.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping instructed emergency services to begin an immediate search and rescue operation. As of the writing of this article it is still unknown the cause of the crash.

According to flight data, the plane began falling from 29,000 feet. It then fell over 25,000 feet in 2 minutes, around 3,000 feet the signal was lost.

There have been photos of smoke billowing from where the plane reportedly crashed. Recently there have also been videos reporting to be of the plane that show what appears to be a 737 diving toward the ground at incredible speeds. Though none of these have been confirmed as of yet (videos from China Aviation Review below).

The crash looks horrific if the video and all evidence so far is accurate. We can only hope by some miracle that people survived.