After Taiwan donated money and medical supplies to Ukraine, officials in Ukraine thanked Taiwan and stated that they look forward to working with them in the future.

Taiwan recently donated 27 tons of medial supplies to Ukraine. Taiwan has also raised over NT$200 million to help Ukraine, this effort was lead by numerous Taiwanese politicians many donating a month’s salary to help while they are at war with Russia.

Pavlo Kukhta, Acting Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture in Ukraine, thanked Taiwan for its donations. He also said that Ukraine needs money to fund both the military and civilian concerns while under Russian siege. Kukhta also said that Ukraine could use both defensive and offensive military equipment.

Kukhta likewise said that after the horrific invasion by Russia is over they would welcome continued cooperation with Taiwan. He mentioned help with rebuilding and also investment from Taiwan such as setting up branches of Taiwanese companies there. He discussed both the European markets and the strategic location of Ukraine. He also mentioned the similar situations in both Ukraine and Taiwan.

If Ukraine makes it out of this conflict intact, there could be a multitude of routes for cooperation between the two countries. Hopefully, the bravery of the Ukrainian people, the pressure from around the world, and donations from nations like Taiwan will ensure that Ukrainians some time soon, once again live free.