Today, around 300 people took to the streets in Beigang, Yuanlin to protest against the ongoing war started by Russia in the Ukraine.

The protestors marched carrying Ukrainian flags and signs and chanting “Support Ukraine, Oppose war!” (支持烏克蘭、反對戰爭). Protestors even had blue and yellow cotton candy, representing the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The group marched to a temple to pray to Mazu for peace in Ukraine and the world.

Local government officials joined in the protest including local councilors and the heads of Shuilin and Kouhu districts.

There have been growing protests against the ongoing Russian aggression and senseless violence in Ukraine. There have even been protests in other locations in Taiwan, including one in Taipei that has stretched on for multiple days. As the conflict continues there will likely be more and more protests growing around the world.