This afternoon, 10 Taiwanese citizens made it to Turkey from Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion. They are currently undergoing testing for COVID and should hopefully soon be getting back to normal life.

The group, consisting of 4 students that were studying in the Ukraine and 6 others that were living there, initially escaped to Poland. After getting to Poland, they traveled to Turkey, and are awaiting a flight back to Taiwan.

One student, surnamed Chang, thanked all the various groups that helped them flee including the Taiwan Representative Office in Poland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The student stated that there were many horrible experiences along the escape route, but that they were happy and relieved to be out of the warzone and nearly back home. They also expressed the hope that the situation in Ukraine is quickly returned to peace.

Taiwan has also been donating money and medical supplies to help those in Ukraine deal with the violence and destruction created by the senseless invasion by Putin. Hopefully such support can help Ukrainians in their time of need and keep their country free and democratic.