Behgjet Pacolli, former president, and current member of the Assembly in Kosovo, recently called for the closer development of economic ties between Kosovo and Taiwan. He also stated that Taiwan should open a representative office in Kosovo, just as it has in Lithuania.

These call by Pacolli should not be terribly surprising for those familiar with his career. In addition to being the former president he has also served as the Foreign Minister of Kosovo. During his tenure he congratulated President Tsai Ing-wen on her reelection and commended Taiwan for its vibrant democracy. He has stated that he will work towards expanding ties and has also made known his desire to visit Taiwan when the pandemic permits.

Last year the two countries formally established friendship groups between their respective legislative bodies. They also held video conferences in order to deepen ties between the two nations. This in combination with the support of the former president and head of the largest political party in Kosovo, could present a real opportunity for the two nations to expand their relationship.