Kaohsiung recorded one new case of COVID on February 21st. Thankfully the case was in quarantine and should present no risk of community spread.

A women in her 30s (case 20165) fell ill during home quarantine. She was in contact with the CPC Corporation (中油煉油廠) cluster. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai told residents that while Omicron is highly transmissible and presents increased risk of community spread, however thanks to the hard work of health care professionals and the community the situation is still under control in Kaohsiung.

The city has been on a huge testing run recently. Setting up numerous testing sites and has tested tens of thousands of residents. It has also strongly encouraged those living in the city to get vaccinated, especially older residents in order to prevent severe illness and death in the case of contracting the virus.

City health officials have reminded anyone that feels symptoms to immediately call the Health Bureau hotline 07-7230250 and not to take public transportation.