Kaohsiung’s City Councilor, Huang Jie, famous for her opposition to former Mayor Han Guo Yu and the recall effort against her, and formerly of the NPP, has taken to social media to advocate for a constituent in a workers’ compensation case.

The claim is that a packer in Miaoli County was amputed by a serious incident caused by lax safety protection and equipment maintenance standards.

What was further disturbing is that the employer allegedly minimized the incident and the amputation of the packer’s leg, offering 100,000NT (around 3,000 USD) before immediately terminating the worker. The employer allegedly took no responsibility for lax safety procedures.

Typically, the Kaohsiung City Government would have little jurisdiction for dealing with issues taking place in Miaoli, but the company in question recently established their head office in Kaohsiung. Huang Jie says that she contacted the Kaohsiung Labor Bureau to carry out an investigation of the company’s worksites.

This shows that Huang Jie is taking on a more activist role in the last year of the terms for City Councilors before the election in November, and pushing for more fairness in the relationship between workers and management in Kaohsiung.