CW: Discussions of sexual harassment

Fan Yun (范雲), DPP legislator, held a press conference with a woman who has claimed sexual harassment against her former colleges at the Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR).

The press conference was held on February 18th. The woman from the HSR has filed multiple sexual harassment allegations. The alleged victim has stated that she has been dealing with these issues since 2018. the allegations include being harassed by colleges verbally and via email and phone.

Initially the woman had been working with the company to file complaints, however the HSR changed their process while it was ongoing. This obviously led to feelings to dishonesty and doubt of the validity of the procedure.

The HSR for its part has claimed that it has done its duty. It claims that the company handled issues in accordance with its regulations. That it took the allegations seriously and separated the victim and her alleged harasser. They have also said they are filing a claim for punishment. Though what this punishment would be and whether any such penalties were actually meted out is unclear.

Fan Yun criticized the company for its seeming inability to adequately deal with the situation. The victim was allegedly harmed multiple times and the company seemingly refused to act, failing to separate her from her alleged abusers in a rapid and complete manner.

This should raise questions about industries around Taiwan. All people should be free from harassment, and if it is ongoing there should be mechanisms to separate the alleged accusers and victims. It must also ensure that all claims are full and exhaustively investigated to ensure that justice is carried out.