A preliminary informal online poll suggests that in a three way lineup between KMT legislator Jiang Wan-an 將萬安, deputy mayor of the PFP Huang Shan-shan 黃珊珊, and DPP CECC head Chen Shih-chung 陳時中, that Jiang Wan-an would take the lead by a wide margin. This is in line with more formal polling conducted by TVBS for the race.

Despite having a short political career in Taiwan as a national legislator, and having spent a quarter of his life in the United States, his KMT pedigree as the great grandson of Chiang Kai-shek has meant that he has strong name recognition in Taipei and association with the party.

DPP CECC head Chen Shih-chung so far has not officially announced a run, but many are speculating that he will use the political capital he has earned in taking responsibility for Taiwan’s COVID responses and outcomes, which are significantly better than many of its neighbors despite blunders made.