Out of four local COVID cases in Taiwan as of Monday, three were in Kaohsiung, and as of yet, the sources for these cases remain unclear. The cases include a tea-shop employee (case 19733), and the other two are a mother and child (19730). Their movements were concentrated near busy urban areas, primarily in Fengshan district.

The mother (19730) recently returned from China, and her son (19732) tested positive shortly after while her husband did not.

The tea-shop employee (19733) has a father who is a truck driver who has worked at the port of Kaohsiung, a common source of spread in Kaohsiung, but a chain of transmission is still unclear and the father himself has tested negative.

All cases are still under investigation.

Two of the adults visited multiple locations in Kaohsiung, and case 19730 also travelled on the HSR.

The location paths of 19730 and 19732, courtesy of the Kaohsiung City Government, are provided below.