A group of British parliamentarians from the Foreign Affairs Select Committee are set to visit Taiwan at the end of February. The visit is reportedly to strengthen ties and support the mutual democratic values of the two countries. The visit will also likely touch on the issue of China. Of course Taiwan, but also the UK, have been greatly affected by China as it gains power in the region and globally.

The delegation is planned to consist of 9 Members of Parliament. The group is expected to begin their journey on February 19th. They will visit with President Tsai, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, President of the Legislative Yuan You Si-kun (游錫堃), and many other political leaders in Taiwan. 

The visit is yet another instance of Taiwan’s seeming push for recognition and effort to improve relationships with democratic countries around the world. This comes after Vice President William Lai’s trip through the US on the way to Honduras for the presidential inauguration there last month. There have also been numerous delegations from the EU and the US visiting Taiwan over the past few years. Even Chinese spokespeople have mentioned wanting to visit Taiwan.