After a COVID cluster was discovered at the port in Kaohsiung, the city jumped into action, quarantining those believed to be in close contact to the cases and setting up testing sites for those working there.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Lunar New Year holiday and the last day for those working in Kaohsiung’s port to get tested. The local government is urging people that work there to get tested as soon as possible because people will not be able to enter the port unless they have a valid negative test.

The government has so far done 2 large scale PCR testing waves at the port. There will be three testing locations open until tomorrow. The testing areas will be at piers 34, 36 and 55. People working at the port must also have a negative rapid test returned by January 31st.

Hopefully with testing drawing to a close all of those infected by the cases at the port will have been located and quarantined.