Yesterday, Taiwan released its National Traffic Press Release. the findings show that fatalities were up slightly (+0.4 percent), however injuries were down to some degree (-1.9 percent). Accidents also decreased (-1.7 percent) from 2020. The data is from January to November of 2021.

321,148 traffic accidents occurred in 2021, which resulted in 2,704 deaths and 427,009 people being injured. This means accidents decreased by 5,648, injuries dropped by 8,132, and fatalities increased by 10.

The top 5 cities and counties for traffic fatalities were Kaohsiung with 26 deaths, Taoyuan with 25, New Taipei with 24, Taichung with 22, Tainan with 18 and Pingtung with 18.

When looking at traffic fatalities per 100,000 the highest cities and counties were Taitung with 24.4 per 100,000, Chiayi with 23.5, Pingtung with 22.4, Yilan with 22, and Miaoli with 21.

When compared with the previous year, the largest increases were Yilan with an increase of 8 fatalities, Taoyuan plus 7, Taipei with an 6 additional fatalities, Hsinchu City with 6, Miaoli with 5, and Changhua with 5.

The largest decreases in fatalities were Tainan which saw 9 fewer deaths, Taitung with 8 fewer, Yunlin dropped 5, and Chiayi with 2 fewer.

The causes of accidents last year were also reviewed. The top 5 reasons for traffic fatalities were failure to pay attention (64 individuals), failure to operate the vehicle according to regulations (33), violation of traffic signals or commands (22), drunkenness (13), and failing to make left turns according to regulations (11).

The top five causes of injury were failing to grant the right of way according to regulations (9,081 people), not paying attention (8,967 people), failing to make a left turn according to regulations (3,004), failure to maintain a safe distance (2,778), and violating traffic signals or commands (2,150).

The top counties and cities in terms of drunk driving fatalities were Kaohsiung City, Taoyuan City, Pingtung Country, Tainan City, Taichung City, Changhua County, and Miaoli County.

Stay safe out there on the roads y’all and remember to always drive sober!