Transparency International has released its latest Corruption Perceptions Index and Taiwan sees its highest ranking ever.

In the 2021 rankings Taiwan hits the number 25 spot, this is higher than it has ever achieved. The ranking is of 180 countries and Taiwan managed to jump up 3 points from 2020. Taiwan scored 68 out of 100. Taiwan’s standing is just above the United States and Chile, and 1 point below the United Arab Emirates. Taiwan found itself tied with Bhutan.

Taiwan is moving upward while many other East Asian nations are dropping. Hong Kong and Japan saw both saw their scores drop 1 point since last year. Though South Korea and China saw their numbers increase, 1 and 3 points respectively.

This increase is good news for Taiwan, though the nation still has a long way to go as it battles corruption within its politics. Just this week there was a corruption sandal out of Yilan. Hopefully with increased pressure from citizens and the media, Taiwan can continue to weed out corruption and see its place on the index continue to climb.