On Friday (Jan. 7, 2022) Kaohsiung expanded its taxi-style bus system (幸福共享 美濃GO!) in Meinong District (美濃區). This busing system does not have a fixed route. It allows residents to hail a ride to a specific location from a location of their choosing.

The hope from the city government is to provide a cheap and convenient way for residents, especially those in more remote locations, to be able to access the services they need such as hospitals, rehab services, shopping, etc. As of this time over 100 people have registered to receive rides from the service.

All that is needed for a ride from the service is for passengers to request a ride before 6 pm the evening before they plan to take the bus, and for at least two passengers to have signed up for the bus on that route.

Since the busing system began operation 2018, it has been constantly expanding. Currently it covers over 30 districts through nearly 60 bus routes.

This expansion in the rural areas of Kaohsiung comes at the same time as the urban districts see the expansion of the Light Rail system. Attempting to give more and more residents greater access to more affordable, and hopefully more environmentally friendly, public transportation.


For those seeking a ride on this busing system, you can call the free service line from 8:30 to 18:00 (you can also use Line to contact the service).  Their number is 0800-660-696.