First pod of the new year!!!! Ari complains about Rogan, Abby pops in (but you won’t hear her), Jordan airs his grievances about people not rating the pod 5 stars and sharing with everyone they meet, both Georgia Senate seats flip, the storming of the capital by Trumpers, 50+ (including a large number of democratic legislators) arrested under the BS National Security Law in Hong Kong, class consciousness (BTW Jordan mentioned Prop 22), the NY Stock Exchange backtracks on delisting a number of Chinese companies, a comparison of the genocide of Muslims in China to Native Americans, Jack Ma (馬雲) has been missing for months, Cuomo destroying NY with his corruption around Covid, the guy who gave China a free pass with the coronavirus is now disappointed in how their dealing with the WHO (vid of CCP locking people in their houses), and more! Thanks for listening and never forget FCP最大!

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