Please follow @save12hkyouths on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (we explain what happened on the pod), then we do a quick rundown of news we hadn’t gotten to due to our podcast sabbatical including a Russian poisoning, Trump telling people to vote twice, K Street arguing banning lobbyists hurts diversity, Milos Vystrcil (Czech Senate President) and the backlash to his visit to Taiwan, Chinese Ambassador to the UK (Liu Xiaoming) caught liking porn on Twitter, companies trying to sell Chinese masks as Made in Taiwan, KMT saying the contents of the National Palace Museum belong to them, tensions continue to rise between India and China, Mulan (boycott it), CCP rolling tanks through Inner Mongolia in response to school children protesting, the men who murdered Jamal Khashoggi given relatively light sentences, Bob Woodward held on to audio of Trump talking about how serious covid, a whistleblower accusing DHS of downplaying white supremacist threats, and gender reveal parties. Thanks for listening and never forget FCP最大!

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