Hong Kong coronavirus cases rising rapidly, John Lewis and Michael Brooks both passed away (RIP), Biden sucks and so does the DNC, leaked memo show Trump administration authorizing increased surveillance on US citizens, Chinese consulate in Houston ordered closed, Oxford and a yet to be determined city in Taiwan may become sister cities soon, new citizen judge system in Taiwan, Michael Cohen alleging that he was returned to prison because he refused to sign a gag order, the CCP trying to get Taiwanese officials in Hong Kong to sign “One Country” agreements, Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act, cases of covid potentially much higher in many countries including the US and Iran, should Taiwan expand conscription?, newly declassified documents link former Taiwanese president Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國) to the purging of National Taiwan University (NTU) philosophy professors in the 1970s, and more! Thanks for listening and never forget FCP最大!