Hong Kongers protest in face of arbitrary detention under the new National Security Law, Uyghur women being forced to have abortions and be sterilized, Taiwan not on the list of countries allowed into the EU, Tatung(大同) may have held a flawed vote on their company, teachers unions in Taiwan calling for AC to be in schools outside of Taipei (there is a big gap between the capital and the rest of the country), Taiwan in the process of recognizing Somaliland (they would be the first country to do so, study shows the top 20 largest US cities don’t meet international standards when it comes to policing, rumors of Trump potentially dropping out of the presidential race, class allies being elected over establishment candidates, why we need to strengthen Social Security and get away from pensions, Trump admin mulling not giving heads up on weapons deals anymore, and more. Thanks for listening! Love y’all! And never forget FCP最大!

*note* I (Jordan) said island multiple times when referencing Taiwan, I should have said islands, as Taiwan is a multi island nation.