In preparation for Kaohsiung’s June 6th’s scheduled vote for Kaohsiung citizens to decide on the recall of KMT Mayor Han Guo Yu, the three organizations that have been organizing the recall effort staged a demonstration today in Yancheng District in spite of threats from the current mayor who claimed that the protest had not filed the proper applications and would represent a public safety threat and disrupt transportation.

WeCare, the anti-Han Guo Yu group 公民割草行動, and the Taiwan Statebuilding Party (台灣基進黨), the three organizers, were all present and in force passing out armbands and had banners available for donors. There were thousands in attendance, but the march was still dwarved by the Reset Kaohsiung March held in December of 2019. This comes after the catharsis of the 2020 election result against the presidential ambitions of Han Guo Yu, and the subsequent success of the petition campaign to call for the recall vote in the first place gave an outlet to the political frustrations of many Kaohsiung citizens. Nonetheless, all indications show that he will likely be recalled in June, calling into question the strategy for the KMT going forward.

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Staff writer: Ari B.