Since the beginning of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary campaign, the major news networks have been engaged in an all out war against the American people.

Despite strong preference for Democratic party policies that have been endorsed as the standard for nearly a decade, a preference for Medicare for All, overturning Citizens United v. USA, and ending hydraulic fracturing as a practice in the continental United States, CNN, MSN and MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post have largely dismissed or disparaged every primary candidate that was in favor of such policies in favor of moderates whose views more closely aligned with the economic elites who run such networks.

When it finally seemed this year that Bernie Sanders was far enough ahead to crush the others, the networks changed focus away from policy and towards the fraudulent and misleading “electability” argument to crush his campaign. The truth was that Biden was never ahead of Bernie in matchups against Trump more than the margin of error, and was often far below suggesting that Sanders had a far better chance against Trump than Biden did, and this has been covered in depth by FCP before.

Ostensibly acting in support of the “never Trump” movement suggesting that choosing an electable but soft Democratic candidate who could “beat” Trump would be preferable to a progressive who would lose, journalists in these papers, including the head of the “intellectual wing” of CNN, Fareed Zakaria, said on air that four more years of Donald Trump would be preferable to a Sanders presidency, and there is the answer: Biden is closer to Trump than he is to the Democratic movement, and the mainstream media ultimately prefers the status quo to real change.

After a cascade of electioneering fraud perpetrated by the DNC and Tom Perez, who insisted that in-person primaries be held so that states would be barred from delaying primaries, all while Biden was temporarily at the top of the polls, to prepare for mail-in ballots during the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, undoubtably leading to several deaths that Perez is personally responsible, Biden has emerged at the top. The mainstream media succeeded in manipulating the elections towards the most moderate candidate near the top, and after Obama succeeded at manipulating the remaining candidates to all drop out and endorse Biden, he was the only remainder. However, as of mid-May, it seems that even before the end of the primary season, the Biden campaign has run its course.

There is increasing mainstream media coverage, not only of the Tara Reid sexual assault claims against Biden which the mainstream media ignored during nearly the entire competitive phase of the primary process, but also of Joe Biden’s lack of presence on the campaign trail and increasingly common verbal blunders which are making it clear he neither has the stamina nor the wherewithal to go head to head against Donald Trump.

CNN, a network largely susceptible to the power of its anchors, and which has a very recent history of collusion with the DNC and primary candidates, has started to shine the spotlight on the brother of its scandal-ridden anchor Chris Cuomo, none other than New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, who blundered the coronavirus crisis in his state so badly that it has become the national hub of the virus and led to his brother, Chris, himself becoming infected and then sharing updates daily with the public as part of his TV program. CNN and other news networks have been very loudly broadcasting Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus addresses, and cheerleading for his efforts even though his state has one of the worst performances in the entire world in terms of stemming the flow of the virus.

In recent days, there is even increasing suggestion within the mainstream media that the DNC will try to replace Biden at convention, not even with one of the half dozen other primary candidates who received millions of votes, but with none other than the brother of a prime time CNN anchor, Andrew Cuomo, in spite of his repeated denials. What should also be noted is that Andrew Cuomo remains a very close personal friend Joe Biden, and it may be that CNN’s favorable coverage towards Biden was given in exchange for a potential VP spot or cabinet pick, and that the potential top spot only opened recently in light of Biden’s meltdown.

This would represent a coup in modern American politics, but most strongly resembles CNN’s widely documented collusion with Hilary Clinton in 2016, an egregious example of public election tampering for which no one ever faced criminal charges. It seems that CNN learned the lesson that they can use their influence to shift American elections at will and with impunity, and has done so to attempt to plant the brother of one of their anchors as the democratic candidate in a time of economic collapse in an election year that any previous Democratic candidate could only have dreamed of. Whether this was an elaborate long-term plan, or evolved slowly with the events that have taken place does not matter. The fact remains that once again, as happened in 2016, the mainstream media networks, particularly CNN, have engaged in a collusive conspiracy to implant the brother of one of their top anchors to the highest office in the United States, and if Cuomo does eventually become the nominee, this should neither go ignored, nor unpunished.

Staff writer: Ari B

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