From the mouths of conservatives themselves, one of the most onerous stipulations of the Obama-era healthcare bill was the additional burdens places on small businesses to provide healthcare to all of their employees. According to them, the requirements, firstly in terms of documentation, and then, in terms of adequately funding health care provisions for all of their workers meant a massive increase in the capital required to hire new workers, stifling hiring, and increasing the burden of red tape on small businesses.

This argument was completely lost last night on the swath of moderate Democrats who ignored this fact when they nonsensically claimed that a medicare for all style system would be more of a burden on small businesses because of the increased personal income tax burden. The fact is: when the government ensures that comprehensive medical care is provided for all employees, business owners can focus on their business instead of benefits provision regulations.

This is the case in Canada, the UK, Taiwan and the countless other states who have effectively implemented such plans. The planning, allocation, funding, and administration of that healthcare is carried out by responsible government officials only accountable to their citizens. The alternative is having healthcare administered by private firms, HR managers, and small business owners, the time and labor burden on small businesses are greatly reduced.

A single-payer framework makes hiring easier, planning work schedules easier, and administering a business much simpler as paperwork and overhead are significantly reduced. Medicare for all, by itself, has the potential to be a massive stimulus itself as the resources of businesses are unleashed when put towards better purposes.

Those Democrats, such as Bullock, John Delaney, and Tim Ryan who ignore reality, also ignore the moral and ethical implications, and trample on the rights of Americans to defend the crippled and terminally ill healthcare system we have in place. They do so by claiming that the transition will hurt small business because of an increase in personal taxes paid by individuals, engaging in outright intellectual fraud. Americans should be asking what organizations are making campaign contributions to these candidates and who they really represent when they repeat lies and attempt to defy logic.

Staff writer: Ari B


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