Donald Trump is an abomination: Not for partisan reasons, but because he is not even an American.
He stands for none of the values that make this country great, justice, equality, and democratic freedom. He is a commercial tool, and an orangutan. He does not understand our government, how to solve American problems, or our values and he does not care to. He abandons our allies, cheats our laws, and tries to exploit his own government to further his own, pathetic, egotistical personal interests. At the end of his short reign, it will be Americans left holding the bill.
Hyberbole is warranted in this case, Donald Trump is perhaps the most destructive president to American institutions and norms in the history of the United States. In the past, Republicans have sometimes had merit to their arguments regarding the expansion of federal power, the breaking of norms and established legal understanding, and were vocal when such actions were perpetrated by the opposition. Now, in the White House, they have abdicated their role as the Constitutionalist party, and have effectively sanctioned tyranny, in the form of an executive whose power is essentially unbounded and answers to no one.
The balance of power from Congress, whose job it is to approve, investigate, and set law has been called into question as the president has implicitly been granted blanket powers to do unspeakably improper things.
Firing federal officials because they are investigating criminal acts carried out by presidential staff and appointees, with impunity, was the first transgression, just weeks into his presidency. Dangling a presidential pardon in front of an associate cooperating with law enforcement when under indictment, calling congressional witnesses “rats,” and then flagrant public witness tampering by Republican congressmen and presidential personal attorneys laid the icing on that cake of criminality.
Instructing cabinet members to obstruct investigations and reject congressional oversight authority evidence his disdain for questions to his limited authority.
Utilizing emergency powers and executive action to try to modify immigration law and control the power of the purse without congressional consent, a clear violation of the very basis of the American Constitution show his blatant disregard for our form of government as he spits on our founding fathers’ graves.
In light of the Mueller report, which his partisan AG has attempted to impartially interpret and then scuttle without ever seeing the light of day or public interpretation, the fact that collusion or the lack thereof overshadows clear evidence of obstruction of justice, the lies surrounding his mysterious tax returns which he alleges have been under audit for the better part of a decade, or his complete abrogation of responsibility to defend American values abroad should appall any self respecting American. Taken alone, they are disturbing. Taken together, they make him unfit to further stain the dignity of the office of the United States of America, the oldest surviving pure democracy in the world, an institution in danger of being immolated by a senile, reality TV clown, C-list celebrity, with a penchant for fake breasted whores, fast food, and repeating his words out of sheer mental disfunction.
It was a mistake to allow this animal to occupy the glory of the White House, but it is in America’s power to end this. Turn the TV off on this sad, sad, clown, and repent of your shame to truly make America great again.
Long live America and may we remember all those who shed blood in defense of her constitution.
Staff writer: Ari B