In what was apparently a politically motivated firing, Andrew McCabe, the former Deputy Director of the FBI was terminated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Ostensibly as a result of an investigation into the release of sensitive information pertaining to ongoing investigations, he was publicly taunted by Trump on several occasions, who directly oversees Sessions.

Sessions has alleged that McCabe, in the probe, lacked candor and made misleading assertions, including under oath. Andrew McCabe denies all allegations, stating that he was deliberately targeted by Trump because of his association with James Comey, and his role in interfacing with special counsel investigating Trump, Robert Mueller. Trump has gone on twitter making further accusations of corruption within the FBI, admonishing the agency for which he is ultimately responsible for.

The timing is extremely suspicious, as Trump had threatened to fire him for personal and political grievances before, prior to his scheduled retirement on March 18th. The fact that Sessions’ determination was made so late, McCabe alleges indicated political interference.

At the time Trump’s tweets were made, they were seen as many as a form of open intimidation of a public official, and now, these messages seem deeply troubling to many within the agency. If the allegations against McCabe were untrue, and an outcome on the probe which determined that McCabe “lacked candor” was pushed by the administration, attempts to silence and discredit political enemies would be deeply disturbing. The optics are certainly poor, and make the termination, two days prior to his retirement, look highly suspicious to some.

Staff writer: Ari B