Mainstream media has been relentlessly focusing on Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.  It seems that up to the writing of this article no one has been able to present any hard evidence to show direct connection, especially not to the degree that would make it anywhere near reasonable for over paid pundits like Rachel Maddow to come out and do wall to wall coverage on how Trump is Putin’s puppet.  You’d be pretty hard pressed to find any situation in which I would defend Trump or his policies, the handful that he actually has.  However, I think it’s a bit of of waste of time to concentrate on this scandal while Mueller is still investigating.  I have no doubt he will at least find massive financial crimes, whether relating to the Kremlin or not, and I am not saying that it would be unbelievable if Trump was in collusion with Russia.  However, I think it is much more worthwhile to focus on collusion that we can prove is happening today.

Trump recently threatened a number of countries saying we should take away their aid if they do not get in line with his recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  In fact, only 8 other U.N. members voted with the U.S. (Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and Togo).  128 countries voted against the US and 35 voted in abstention.  I say this only to show how far he has gone to help Israel, in the future I plan to write another article about his amazingly corrupt relationship with Saudi Arabia as well.  All of this fighting for Israel also comes after numerous clear instance of corruption between the country and the Trump Administration.

First of all, Jared Kushner has revived millions of dollars from Israeli banks which would, and should get some one at least fired if not locked up for had it been from Russia.  Michael Flynn has direct ties to Israel as well.  Another clear cut example of this corruption is that when Trump was president elect, his campaign was in direct contact with the Israeli government.  At the time they asked to to go to various UN member states and tell them to oppose the resolution that condemned the illegal Israeli settlements, to which they promptly complied.  This is in fact an illegal action while you are the president elect, had he waited to become president first it would have been legally acceptably, though morally debatable.

This clearly demonstrates a willingness to do the bidding of a foreign power.  However, all we have heard from the so called “resistance” is crickets.  Daily cries of Russian collusion, but not a peep when there is demonstrable collusion right in front of our faces.  Obviously, it could be argued, this is because Israel is our ally.  On the other hand, if this had been done with almost any other country especially Russia heads would be exploding, and perhaps with good reason.  But we must stop relentlessly defending the illegal actions of other counties for money, I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that, but again it goes the same for the Saudis.

If the Democrats truly care about getting Trump let alone doing the right thing this is one way to do it.  Stop complaining about the potential corruption, let that investigation play out and worry about it later and when something can actually be done about it.  Now is the time to get Trump of the clear and brazen corruption that is indisputable.  Though it is likely that the only reason the establishment Democrats are doing this Russia business is due to the fact that they believe that the Russians leaked the DNC emails the Wikileaks and that this caused Clinton to lose to Trump.  I personally believe this is bunk and Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate that believed she was entitled to the presidency and didn’t inspire progressives or essentially anyone who wasn’t a Democratic hack or elitist.  But that is for another article.

I hope the “McResistance” can grow up a little bit, get some real progressive ideals, and take the fight to Trump instead of whining about what may or may not be.  Stop licking your wounds and start fighting, because this tired Russia narrative is clearly getting you no where and there are actual things to get Trump on right now.