Ari: Thar, not thor, is an Indian movie that stylistically looks like it takes many more of its cues from the American Western than a typical modern Indian film. Absent are the elaborate costumes, and musical elements, but left intact are the over the top cliche characters and attempts at humor interlaced throughout.

Instead, it is markedly darker, with the extreme violence and cruelty seen in other recent Indian films this year like the previously reviewed RRR, also from this year, and also much of the design and character motifs that are present in many Westerns. Large plot elements seem to have been lifted from No Country for Old Men, with a similar introduction, and ending much differently, although less tragically.

The tempo is fast, but many of the characters and elements are not well explained, and the viewer is often left confused and asking questions when references are made. The dialogue and plot directions often lead nowhere, and character development by the end was made clear, if not crude.

Action scenes are well shot and clear, but are short and anticlimactic, as with undeveloped characters it is hard to care about the outcomes. Overall cinematography, shooting of scenes, and acting are all very good.

The writing is what so often falls short with a plot line that seems to intend to act like a twist, but changes no ones minds as there was so little exposition to begin with. With cleverer writing and perhaps rearranging the scenes, the film could have been fantastic.

Entertaining, but not the easiest or deepest watch by a long shot.

Rating: Three rats.