A spate of fires across Russia, some in the West near Ukraine but many far from the border, has raised suspicions that Ukrainian saboteurs may have been behind the blazes.

Some outlets report that military enlistment offices throughout the country have been the target of arson, and fires in the cities of Belgorod and Bryansk near the Ukrainian border have raised eyebrows. Those attacks have been directly blamed on Ukrainian cross-border raids with attack helicopters.

Less sure was a fire at a gunpowder factory in Perm.

Further afield, large fires have hit Yakutsk, Mezhdurechensk, and  Kemerevo, all of which are part of Siberia, thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

Ukraine, through its alleged attacks on those fuel depots in Belgorod and Bryansk, is attempting to take advantage of their asymmetric advantages as they attempt to increase the costs on Russia for their invasion.