Your friendly neighborhood propagandist, Hu Xijin (or Comrade Hu to you), has once again put out another of his outlandish statements that he is so famous for.

Hu said on Twitter that “If South Korea takes a path of turning hostile against its neighbors, the end of this path could be a Ukraine.” This was in response to the South Korean spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, joining a NATO cyber security group.

It seems that Hu might be a bit excited from reading his Xi thought for the day. It is also an interesting attack as Chinese state propaganda has yet to find its footing on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It seems obvious that they want to support the Russian invasion and violence, as they are salivating to do the same to Taiwan, however they also don’t wish to be viewed as completely unhinged. This is perhaps one of the reasons that they are one of the few remaining supporters of North Korea, the country that would ostensibly be doing the invasion Hu is threatening.

China enjoys having their crazy little cousin so close by. Having what amounts to a god-king constantly launching apocalyptical threats and nuclear missiles helps to mask China’s own rabid aggression. This is probably why China supplies billions of dollars, over 90 percent, of North Korea’s imports, and why Chinese propagandists so often carry water for North Korea, like Hu in this case.

Just as in Ukraine, it should be the prerogative of any country to join whatever international groups it wishes (*cough* Taiwan). Mouthpieces for authoritarian regimes threatening mass slaughter of innocent civilians for participation in international organizations is the exact reason that such nations should be ostracized until they can learn to play nice with others. It is time to stop excusing or even rewarding this kind of belligerent behavior.