As cases explode in Taiwan while the CECC continually relaxes prevention measures, there were three new cases at the Presidential Palace in Taipei. Of the three cases, two worked for the National Security Council and one worked in the Presidential Palace.

The Office of the President has stressed that neither President Tsai or VP Lai were in close contact with any of the cases. Tsai has already had to quarantine once due to close contact earlier in the pandemic.

The lack of desire to do much of anything about COVID in Taiwan is quite worrying and these cases show that it could even affect Taiwan’s defense capabilities. Of course if large numbers of those working in National Security or the military become ill, this will certainly depress Taiwan’s readiness and ability to defend itself.

Another issue is that of long COVID and brain fog that has often been associated with it. This would certainly be a worrying side effect for the military, but also for government leaders to come down with.

The increasing death numbers is also worrying, however it seems the current administration seems to value prioritizing the, as of now, relatively high number of “mild” cases.

As cases continue to grow every day, we will see how Taiwan copes with the growing sickness and death that the government has unilaterally decided its populace must live with. We will also see how these decisions affect the operation of the country and the upcoming local elections.